Freelancing Jobs Are Suitable For You?-Earning and Learning-Creative tricks 24


In order to take up freelancing as a profession, you must first know something about yourself. In the meantime I will try to say some points !!!

Freelancing Jobs Are Suitable For You?-Earning and LearningঃCreative tricks 24

1.Academic background:

In Bangladesh, the basic education of a student is taken up to Intermediate. The first reason I came up with an academic background is because everyone knows that when one is engaged in the pursuit of money, one can no longer concentrate on one's studies. It is basically the hormonal effect of our body. So try your best to come to this line after finishing intermediate education.

2 How long to give time:

You see, if you want to know any skill level, you have to spend at least four months, if you want, you can't build a skill in 1 day or 1 month and survive in long run. And we can study for 16/17 years to get a job. But in the case of freelancing, I want to do the opposite, earning as little as possible, which is not right at all. You learn a skill, you learn this skill well.

3. Research Capability:

You have to have a lot of research power, if you don't have it, build it slowly. Must be brought under control

4.tendency to stick

If you go to the marketplace with a skill, you will not get a job or even if you get a job, you will not be able to earn thousands of dollars, so you will get a lot of stress which will affect your freelance career. You have to sort it out in a new way. You can't find a solution. Read a lot of blogs or watch videos. Problem related, it solves a lot of problems.

5. Can't be ambitiousঃ

This is something that needs to be controlled. Don't think that you can earn thousands of dollars in the first month after seeing thousands of dollars earned by others. You can't be successful. You have to know from him where he stumbled and how he got up from stumbling. Then your path will be much easier.


You can never be skilled in many skills at once. You have to come up with any one topic. If you see that this guy is earning 5 thousand dollars a month with this topic, if you leave your chosen topic and go to that guy's topic, you will see that you are moving to another topic after seeing the screenshot of some other guy. You have to do it. But you can do it one by one. After finishing a topic, go to a new topic.

7.How much English do you need to learn to be a freelancer?

Since English is not our first language, most of us are ignorant of this language, which affects both our academic career or freelance career. If you know how then. If you do not learn then there will be a gap in communication.

8.Earning and Learningঃ

The brain is a lot like metal, rust if not cared for, so learning can't be done after we get to the learning stage. Moreover, you will not be able to be 100% wise in any subject. But you can update the percentage a little. You take care of this skill of yours, keep your skill updated with the times.

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